December 2017 archive

Dec 28

A Life Interrupted for Christmas Miracles

I will never forget the look in her eyes.  Tired.  Hungry.  Frigid.  Lost.  Weary. The look of despair captured in the eyes of a beautiful woman, probably in her mid 20’s. Found in the line at the homeless shelter in the freezing cold.  She had very little clothing to cover her tiny body. Her eyes …

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Dec 21

Waiting for Love to Let Her In

It is 5:30pm when my door bell rings.  I am not expecting company and beyond surprised to open the door to greet this precious 10 year old little girl.  It is freezing outside, and her clothes are tattered.  No coat is worn to shield her from the cold.  However, none of these factors taint her …

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Dec 13

It all started in a coffee shop

It all started in a coffee shop.  We had scheduled this meeting, but in all honesty, I had no idea what to even say.  I had the vision.  I knew that it could be done – and needed to be done.  But I didn’t have the resources to implement.  I needed funds and man power …

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