What We Do

Daughters of Worth is a unique mentorship that exists to educate, equip, and empower girls of all ages to become strong women of influence in their communities.


We live out our mission through GLAM (Girls Living a Mission) Mentorship, Notes of Hope. and our newest initiative… Grace Gifts!


We Educate:

Focusing on character education, health and wellness (including healthy relationships), meeting short and long term goals, academic planning and achievement, job-training skills and financial management, it is our goal that every girl discovers success in all aspects of life.  Daughters of Worth is currently serving 90 girls through weekly and monthly mentorship programs.  Partnering with the Boys and Girls Club and Elmhurst Elementary, we are able to directly impact girls of all ages through our GLAM Girls Program!  Our GLAM girls (Girls Living a Mission) also have the opportunity to participate in quarterly service projects within the community.

We Equip:

Through the development of Grace Gifts, Daughters of Worth participants have the opportunity to learn about business and financial management.  Utilizing their creativity, skills, and talents, participants may present their handmade items (jewelry, paintings, poems, pottery, etc.) for sale through Grace Gifts.  The girls assist with vendor events, as well as sharing the “shoppe” with others.  30% of all sales goes directly to the girls for their own personal use.  30% of all sales will be invested into the Grace Gifts Scholarship Fund to promote continued education.  40% of all sales is invested in Daughters of Worth.

Through this unique program, the girls have the opportunity to meet local business owners, discover success stories, engage in financial management classes from a very young age and learn that they have the creativity, skills, and talents to become financially independent.  In addition, they will learn skills such as: developing customer service skills, marketing, maintaining inventory, completing transactions, counting change and organizational skills.

We Empower:

Daughters of Worth currently serves over 187 girls in 12 schools and 3 counties each month through Notes of Hope.  This program is designed to encourage and inspire girls through a handwritten card of encouragement outreach!  Partnering with local schools, girls in every grade are identified who are simply in need of some extra hope being poured into their lives.  These girls are “adopted” for one full school year through Notes of Hope.  Women of the community gather together monthly for the Notes of Hope Tribe Writing Party to encourage and inspire the girls of the next generation.


Coming Soon:

Grace Gifts Scholarship

Nation Builders Group (Designed for teen girls who are passionate and committed to serving others and building a life of purpose.)