Notes of Hope

Imagine a place where women of the community gather together once a month over coffee, dinner, or dessert.  Many arrive for the very first time – not knowing anyone at all.  Others come with a friend.  Yet, during this time, hearts are shared and new friendships are made.  For they have all arrived at the same place, at the same time, for the same purpose…. to inspire and encourage the girls of their communities.

This is the heart beat of Notes of Hope.

An encouragement outreach of Daughters of Worth, Notes of Hope began in 2016 with one school in Pitt County and 12 girls.  Partnering with local schools, administration and school counselors to identify girls simply in need of some extra love and hope poured into their lives, Daughters of Worth adopts for these girls for one full year!  Each month, these girls receive a handwritten card of love and encouragement,  a “Note of Hope” written from women within their very own communities! Today, we are currently serving 187 girls in 12 schools and 3 counties each month!  We anticipate this number to double in 2018!

If you would to join this Notes of Hope Tribe, there are a variety of ways that You can get involved today!

  1. Join the Writing Party!  We currently have writing opportunities available in Pitt County and Beaufort County.  Come and write an card of love and encouragement to the girls of our community the 2nd Monday of every month at St. James UMC – Greenville, NC from 8:30-8:00pm.  Additional opportunities are available in Beaufort County!  Follow us on Facebook to discover when and where the next Notes of Hope Tribe Writing Party will be!  We would Love for you to join us!  Everything that you will need to participate is provided for you!

2. Serve as a Notes of Hope Sponsor!  To serve 250 girls each month for one year, it costs approximately $1350.00.  We are seeking local businesses, families, and individuals who are willing to help us encourage the girls of our communities through handwritten cards of hope, love, and encouragement!  All contributions are tax-deductible and may be made directly under “Donations” or on Facebook!

3. Begin Notes of Hope in your very own community! It is our vision and mission to successfully launch Notes of Hope in every state throughout the country.  If you are passionate about encouraging and empowering the girls of your community, connect with us today!  We would love to help you bring Notes of Hope to your local schools! Contact Liz @ to learn more!