It’s New Year’s Day.  The day where dreams are born and visions are re-visited.  The day where resolutions are established and hopes are held high.  The day where people choose to recreate their lives.  To reevaluate the things in life that need to be changed and to sort through the chaos, the confusion, the things that they want to build and the things that they want to dispose of.  It’s the day of new beginnings.

And for those who are gazing in despair at all of the broken pieces, the shattered places, the failed dreams.. this post is for you.  It’s a place of grace.  It’s a place of hope.  How the magical whirlwind of chaos and dreams can truly become the entry way to renewed hope and faith restored.  The place where magic can happen – even in the brokenness.



From the outside peeking in, my life has appeared to be a magical whirlwind of chaos, shattered dreams, new hopes rising and dreams recreated – all swirling around to somehow land, now – to this.

To this moment.

To this day.

To this breath of life.


I fervently remember the moments where it simply hurt to breathe.  Where it took effort to wake up, to open my eyes and to force myself out of bed.  To watch the dreams that I had built crumple to dust and blow away. To watch the hearts of my children stray away from the love that had wanted to guard them, protect them, keep them safe, to love them.

To know that I did not have the power or the ability to help them.  And I’m their mom.  The one who heard their heartbeat, who felt their kicks, who knew when they had hiccups in the womb.  And yet, I couldn’t save them from the hell – from the torment of their own minds.  The ache of their own soul.  The lies that taunted them day and night.

I had just learned that my son was in trouble (again) with the law and my baby boy was fighting battles in his soul and mind that words cannot even begin to convey.  In desperation, I got into my car and began driving.

For just a moment, I needed to escape.  To go some place.  To hide from the misery.  From the pain.  From the shambles that I couldn’t control and from the whirlwind of chaos that seemed to be following me.

As I pulled into the parking lot of Harris Teeter, I remembered that I had an obligation to Daughters of Worth coming up quickly – and I needed to be prepared for the event.

At that moment, hot tears flooded my face and my sobs just could not even begin to be contained.  So I sat, and I prayed.  And I cried all of the tears that my lips couldn’t even speak out loud.

In this very moment, I was ready to quit – to walk away,

How could I operate a non-profit organization, Daughters of Worth when my life was so broken?  How could I offer love and hope to these precious, beautiful girls when I didn’t even have the ability to help my own children? 

Certainly, there were other people more qualified, more capable, more skilled than me to pour into their souls and give them exactly what they needed.

Wiping the tears and running make-up from my face, I ended my sob session in the prayer, the life-whisper that I have quietly prayed for the past 15 years of my life….

“But please, Lord, make my life count…”

And at that moment – everything changed.

I wish that I had adequate words to bring you into that exact moment with me.  Because it is by far the most beautiful and profound moment that I have ever experienced in my life, other than the birth of my children.

In that very instant of my Heart Prayer escaping my lips and lighting up the Heavens, the most internal-audible Voice presented Himself.  Words that were like thunder of authority and the grace and depth of the ocean all poured into One…

“Do you not see?  Do you not hear?  Do you not understand what I have done?  For 15 years,, you have prayed daily – sometimes continuously for your life to count.  For your breath to matter.  Do you not realize that Daughters of Worth is an answer to that prayer?”

“You are not allowed to quit.  You are not allowed to give up.  I am using your brokenness to pour Hope into these girls.  To walk away from Daughters of Worth is to rebuke the very thing that I have created you for and to rebuke the answer of your very own prayers.”




I sat in my car in complete silence… complete awe…. complete gratitude… complete shame.

I had not even realized that this whole whirlwind of chaos and grace wrapped into one was the very thing that was leading me to the dreams of my heart.

It was with deep conviction of heart, faithfulness inscribed into my soul and passion that could not be quenched that at that very moment, I recommitted myself to this mission.  To the calling.  To the gift that I had been so graciously given, the answer of my prayers, the heart whisper of my life… Daughters of Worth.

Since that Defining Moment, Daughters of Worth has grown exponentially!

Beginning with 12 girls in 2015, Daughters of Worth is now serving approximately 90-100 girls each month through GLAM girls.  (Girls Living a Mission)  Through partnership with the Boys and Girls Club, travel groups and soon elementary schools, we will begin to expand even more!

In 2016, Notes of Hope (an encouragement outreach through handwritten cards of love and hope) was established in local schools.  We were serving 12 girls in 1 school.  In 2017, Notes of Hope expanded to 11 schools and 3 counties, serving 170 girls each month!

This month (January 2018) GLAM will be offered for the very first time at Elmhurst Elementary School!  Curriculum has been created to soon offer the opportunity for additional schools to participate in this program as well!

In February, Daughters of Worth will hold its inaugural GLAM event!  Recipients of Notes of Hope and participants of Daughters of Worth will be invited to attend a free girl’s empowerment day filled with mini pampering sessions, door prizes, music, food, crafts, photo ops, and guest speaker – Aquanetta Gordon!  In addition, we will be recognizing 25 girls of our communities who are using their lives to serve others!

We are also excited to announce that Grace Gifts and Grace Gifts Scholarship will soon be launched through Daughters of Worth!  This exciting program provides young girls with the opportunity to generate income, invest into scholarship, to learn business and financial management skills, as well as network with local business owners!

Finally, our newest Teen Group – Nation Builders – will debut in 2018!  This group will be established for 12 teen girls who are passionate about pursuing their dreams, investing into their lives and faithfully serving others!

The work of Daughters of Worth is more than simply a fun activity or gathering together on a weekend.  We are intentional about pouring into these girls’ lives and ensuring that they truly know their value and self worth.  Providing them with a safe place, a collective group of women who believe in them and are empowering them to reach the next level by providing necessary tools for success is our primary goal.

It is with a full heart and joy overflowing that we celebrate the successes of Daughters of Worth while we press toward the vision and dream of serving and empowering even more girls in more cities in 2018!  Join us as we Invest into Her Together!