She is a girl with stars in her eyes and dirt underneath her fingernails who will, without a doubt, change the world!  Every word on her lips is graced with the power of positivity, imagination, and creativity.

The world that could be. The world that she dreams and longs to be hers.

No one even realizes that she sleeps on a mattress – with no cover  on the cold, hard floor.  Floors that you can see the dirt of the ground from because the holes have never been repaired.

No one knows her hunger pains at night.  When there is no food left in the home.  No electricity running through her place of safety and rest.

No one knows her fears or tears or shame.  The fact that she hasn’t bathed in weeks.  No fault of her own.  No one knows.

And she isn’t one in ten or twenty, fifty or even one hundred.  There are so many who have inherited this life.  They have built their existence around this routine.  This normal for them.

And while many fault these beautiful girls for things that they have never even been taught, we desire to give them more. We desire to spark their creativity, to empower their dreams, to encourage them to live out the life that they dream of each and every day!

Daughters of Worth exists for these girls.

Daughters of Worth exists for Her.

We exist to bring Hope into today – so that they can create the tomorrow of their dreams.

Each story is different.  Each girl is unique.  And for these precious, beautiful girls, we stand and we believe that their very lives are the very ones who will absolutely transform this world!

Their story will impact others in ways that we simply cannot.

To watch them develop and grow into the young women that they wish to be!

It is Because of Her that Daughters of Worth exists.

It is Because of Her that we are committed, passionate and driven to pursue her cause!

We believe that it is our mission, privilege, and blessing to make certain that every single girl knows that she is loved.  Treasured.  Cherished.  Adored.  That her voice matters and that her life counts!  It is Because of Her that Daughters of Worth exists!

On Thursday, May 17, 2018, Daughters of Worth will hold its inaugural “Because She Matters” Gala!  There will be a cash bar, delicious hors d’oeuvres, silent auction, and a keynote speaker, Teresa Allen of Merry Hearts Ministries!  This special event will provide attendees with the opportunity to learn how Daughters of Worth is partnering with local schools and organizations to ensure that these girls, the girls of our communities, know that they matter!

Tickets are still available and we would love for you to come and join us!  Be among the first to learn how we are pursuing the hearts of the girls of our communities and how you can join the cause!