Her eyes tell stories that children simply should not even know.

The story of abandonment – rejection – of love wanted and lost.  Of love wanted and never received.  The story of flesh torn, cut by self-inflicted wounds.  70 to be exact.  Hidden in the deepest places so that they may never be seen.  The story of family men who have robbed precious souls of their sweet innocence.

Her eyes tell stories that children simply should not even know.

The story of knives hidden in pillows out of fear and grandmothers who pimp out their children to pay the rent.  The story of mothers who have left and fathers who work all night – so nine year old girls are left in dark houses with no food or lights- and left to fend for themselves.  In the very house where a man recently died.

Her eyes tell stories that children simply should not even know.

The story of mothers who have lost their war with addiction and little girls who have watched her wasted away body lowered into the dust of the ground – and simply wants to know where mommy is now.  The story of beautiful girls bullied behind closed doors and shamed within classrooms because somewhere – for some reason – others didn’t believe that she was enough.  And you meet this mom in the school office with tears spilling down her face.  Because of the educator who mocks her 13 year old daughter – the same child who constantly wonders where her daddy is at.

And these are only a few of the stories from the beautiful girls whose eyes that I have gazed into as tears fell and words of their hearts were poured out.  Hoping and praying and waiting for someone to come and rescue them from this – their broken lives.  Hoping and praying and waiting for someone to come and make them whole.  To heal their deepest wounds.  To redeem their lost souls.  To tell them that they are really, truly beautiful.  And no, I’m not just saying that.  Yes, you truly are.  Yes, you, beloved one – really do matter.  She needs to hear those words.  To know that she is not simply a lost cause.

And while others wait.  Complain about how things are and judge shattered homes.  I believe with my every breath……  that We have been Called to This.

We have been Called to Be Her Tribe.

We have been Called to Be Her Shield.

To Be Her Voice.

To Be Her Advocate.

To Be Her Friend.

To Be Her Mom of Heart when their mom of flesh and blood cannot be found.

To Be Her Strength when she can no longer stand on her own.

I believe that this is not simply their battle – but that it is Our battle .

It is our war.

For these precious girls are our future brides, future mothers, future daughter-in-law, future educators, future government officials, future community leaders.  These precious girls are our collective daughters – and we owe it to them.  To simply Not abandon them in their youth – but rather to RISE to the mandate from the Creator of Lives and the Giver of Grace, the Redeemer of Souls whom has called Us, His people to be His voice – to be their voice.  To be their Hope in a world of darkness.

Their tears must become our tears.

Their fears must become our plan of action.

For if we are not willing to take up their cause  – to defend their bodies – to shelter their hearts – to give their stories a voice, then who will?

It is my heart, passion, vision and personal mission to ensure that Every Single Girl under my watch knows that she matters.  That she is Loved.  That she is Beautiful.  That she is Precious.  That she is Smart.  That she is Treasured.  That she is Cherished.  That she is Enough.

And for Her, these precious, beautiful girls – Daughters of Worth – exists for Her.

Because She Matters.

Will you join us?  Will you join the tribe and Rise to fight for her?

There is a place for you in Daughters of Worth – and we need your help to pour into her heart and soul!

Mark your calendars now… for our inaugural Because She Matters Gala!

It’s going to be a phenomenal event as we join together for a magical night of fun, laughter, delicious food, cash bar, powerful, joy-filled speaker, Teresa Allen and a silent Grace Gifts auctions (creations made by the girls of Daughters of Worth!)  Tickets are available now! Reserve your space today!