Empowering Girls in Beaufort-Hyde County During 2018-19!

In 2015, Daughters of Worth was founded as a 501c(3) non-profit organization with a mission and vision to educate, equip, and empower girls of all ages to become strong women of influence in their communities.  Beginning with only 12 middle/high school girls, GLAM Girls (Girls Living a Mission) was launched, providing a safe haven for girls while also offering character education, leadership development, service projects and recreational events.

Within one year of launching, interest increased for this new girl-empowerment program, and Daughters of Worth expanded its’ signature programs to serve even more girls.  By the end of 2017, Daughters of Worth was successfully serving approximately 300 girls each month in Pitt and Beaufort County through GLAM Girls and Notes of Hope.

During the 2018-19 school year, Daughters of Worth has partnered with John Small Elementary, John Cotten Tayloe Elementary, Northeast Elementary and Washington High School to offer mentorship within the school.  In addition, Hyde County Schools has partnered with Daughters of Worth to offer Notes of Hope (handwritten cards of encouragement) to every school age girl in the county! It is anticipated that during the 2018-19 school year, Daughters of Worth will be serving well over 1,000 girls each month in 4 counties (Pitt, Beaufort, Hyde and Johnston) through its’ girl-empowerment programs!

With a passion to educate and equip girls to choose healthy, wise decisions to create the tomorrow of their dreams, the NC Community Foundation: Beaufort-Hyde County Foundation Grant has selected Daughters of Worth as a recipient for the 2018 funding!  This generous grant will provide the opportunity for Daughters of Worth to offer GLAM Girls in local schools and to serve even more girls within the county!

GLAM Girls is offered weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, based on the needs and availability of the school. All modules are aligned with the NC Common Core Essential Standards of Character Education and incorporate 21st Century Skills.  Elements such as knowing your worth, choosing positive friendships, valuing your body, having a vision for your life, setting goals, serving others, and exemplifying strong character are incorporated into the GLAM Girls curriculum.

There is no fee for schools or participants.  It is through grant funding, business sponsorships and donations that this opportunity is made possible for the girls of our communities.  To learn more about Daughters of Worth, how to serve as a sponsor or to be involved, please visit www.daughtersofworth or connect with us at Liz@Daughtersofworth.org.