In 2015, Daughters of Worth launched with a vision and mission to educate, equip, and empower girls of all ages to become strong women of influence in their communities.

What began with only 12 middle/high school girls has now grown to serving approximately 1,000 girls throughout Eastern NC each month through our six signature programs!

Each program is significantly different, yet is centered around our core mission and vision to Educate, Equip and Empower!

Here is how we serve the girls of our communities:

GLAM Girls – Girls Living a Mission group mentorship.  This program is aligned with the NC Common Core Character Education and incorporates 21st Century Skills.  The premise of GLAM girls is that each girl can truly create the tomorrow of her dreams by the decisions that she makes today!  Components include: knowing your self worth, valuing your body, investing into positive friendship choices, having a vision for your life/goal setting, serving others, living with integrity, financial literacy, and character education.

GLAM girls also incorporates a book club for high school students featuring Dr. Brene’ Brown, The Gifts of Imperfection and also offers a scholarship opportunity!

GLAM girls is provided free of charge for all participants and is currently serving approximately 300 girls each month throughout the following schools:  Ayden Elementary, South Greenville Elementary, Elmhurst Elementary, Lake Forest Elementary, Wellcome Middle, Bethel, North Pitt, JH Rose, John Small Elementary, Washington High School, Ed Tech, and 4 after-school programs!

Notes of Hope – This program was developed in 2016 as an opportunity to inspire and encourage the girls of our communities through handwritten cards of encouragement, written by the women of our communities.  All cards are created and designed by local girls and written by local women.

As a girl is “adopted” into the Notes of Hope program through her local school, she receives a handwritten card of inspiration and encouragement, a Note of Hope, each month throughout the school year and is then invited to a special event at the end of the year!

Notes of Hope launched in 2016 with only 12 girls at Ayden Elementary.  In 2017, Daughters of Worth served 187 girls each month in 12 schools and 2 counties.  This year, we are serving approximately 600 girls each month in 4 counties with this signature program!  It is anticipated that by the end of the 2018-19 school year, Daughters of Worth will be serving over 1,000 girls each month through Notes of Hope!

More than 150 women in 4 counties have volunteered to write Notes of Hope to the girls of their communities!

Grace Gifts – This program is our newest initiative designed to counteract poverty and empower girls towards financial freedom!  Through a generous grant from The Louise R. Lester Foundation and partnership with educator, Holly Patrick, Daughters of Worth was able to successfully implement this signature program at John Small Elementary! Grace Gifts teaches financial literacy skills, instills strong work ethic, and equips girls in entrepreneurial skills!  Working directly alongside of local, successful women business owners, each girl has the opportunity to experience a new craft/skill, as well as have the opportunity to earn items towards her “Grace Gift” of choice.  Through her creations that are marketed through vendor events and online sales, she is learning that her products can help to generate funds – which provide for her needs, as well as her wants.

You are So Loved Hygiene Bags! – Recognizing the dire need for at-risk girls to have access to adequate clothing, shoes, undergarments and personal hygiene items, Daughters of Worth established the GLAM girl closet and you are so loved bags!

Through this resource, Daughters of Worth has served over 50 families with clothing needs, including girls who are survivors of trafficking, homeless, living in group homes/foster homes, and those simply in need!

In addition, through dedicated volunteers, You are So Loved personal hygiene bags are placed and distributed to girls in local schools in both Pitt and Beaufort County.  Approximately 70 girls have been served with this resource in the past two months.

Empower Her! Events –  In 2019, Daughters of Worth will be launching our newest initiative: Empower Her! events.  These quarterly events are designed for all teen girls to create awareness, generate conversation and share community resource around hot topics that teen girls are confronted with in their lives!  Topics will include, but are not limited to:

  • Trafficking Prevention
  • Social Media Safety
  • Red Flags of Dating Violence
  • Opioid Epidemic/Substance Abuse
  • Mental Health
  • Self-Compassion and Self-Care
  • Bullying

Admission is free and open to all teen girls!  Events will also include food, entertainment, door prizes and more!

GLAM Girl Magazine – While Daughters of Worth serves girls in remote areas who may not have access to attend GLAM girl sessions and Empower Her! events, it is our mission to share this relevant content with all girls – as well as share the stories of girls in our own communities who are using their lives to make a difference!

For this reason, Daughters of Worth will launch GLAM girl magazine in 2019 to provide this necessary information, as well as spotlight local girls, such as Caroline Blandford (pictured to the left) who is the newest Advisory Board Member of Daughters of Worth and is an advocate for the girls of our communities!  Caroline is a sophomore at JH Rose High School and serves with Daughters of Worth through our Notes of Hope program, GLAM girl closet, You are So Loved Hygiene Bags, Empower Her! events, and also serves with securing local sponsors to make this work possible!

The GLAM Girl magazine will help us to better educate, equip, and empower the girls of our communities by providing her with the content and resources that she needs for her everyday life!

Your Giving = Empowering the Girls of Our Communities

We simply cannot do this work alone.  It is only through your support that we are able to effectively serve the girls of our communities through GLAM girls, Notes of Hope, Grace Gifts, GLAM Girl Closet/Personal Hygiene Bags, Empower Her! events and the GLAM girl magazine!

It is anticipated that by the end of 2019, we will have served over 4,000 girls throughout Eastern NC!

There are currently 10 counties and 3 states on the waiting list.  However, we need your help to sustain the work of Daughters of Worth and to adequately serve the girls who need us the very most!

How Your Contribution Directly Empowers Her:

  • Approximately 300 girls are currently involved in GLAM Girl sessions throughout 15 locations in Pitt and Beaufort County.
  • 237 Hours of Mentoring in 2018
  • 105 GLAM Girl Sessions were held
  • 2,922 Notes of Hope were written to a total of over 600 girls by over 150 women
  • 20 Professional Development Sessions Attended (Including training on human trafficking, sexual assault, domestic violence, substance abuse and more.)
  • 40 Speaking engagements reaching approximately 800 people
  • 70 Personal Hygiene Bags distributed to girls in local schools
  • 50 families served with clothes
  • Food provided for girls in substantial need
  • School supplies purchased for girls in substantial need
  • A bed, bedroom furniture and bedding provided for a girl who was sleeping on the floor

Your support has directly impacted girls who are:

  • Homeless
  • Survivors of trafficking
  • Expectant mothers
  • Teen mothers
  • Survivors of domestic violence
  • Self Harming
  • Suicidal/Depressed
  • Survivors of sexual assault
  • In foster care
  • In group homes
  • Living in homes of domestic violence
  • In poverty
  • Neglected and Abused
  • Who do not believe that they are worthy, loved, or valuable

Daughters of Worth is passionate, committed and determined to Rise Up to serve the girls of our communities and to ensure that every girl knows that she is loved, worthy, valuable and treasured.  It is our heart and passion to ensure that every girl knows that her voice matters!

Your contribution makes this work possible!

Your contribution directly impacts the girls of our communities!  When you invest into Daughters of Worth, you are investing into the girls of the next generation!  Thank you for choosing to invest into her!

Daughters of Worth is a 501c(3) non-profit organization that exists to educate, equip, and empower girls of all ages to become strong women of influence in their communities.  All contributions are tax-deductible.