It’s the beginning of a new school year….. new classes, new teachers, new friends, and new beginnings! Yet, for so many of the girls that we serve, these new beginnings often create a whirlwind of fear and anxiety. And perhaps, not for the reasons that you may think.

As the local stores buzz with excitement of fresh pencils, brightly colored pens, all of the paper that you can imagine, and the cleanest of clothes to be bought, we watched so many of our girls hold their breath, gaze at the ground and barely whisper when they were asked about school. Because of the simple fact that they did not have the tools that they needed for success.

While many families were able to afford the luxuries that a new school year brings, so many are struggling to simply make ends meet. For some of our girls, living in a local, run-down motel is the normal… praying that there is enough money to pay for another night. For others, it’s watching your family scrape the last pennies of their paycheck together – and knowing that it’s not enough to cover all of the children in the household with the items that are mandated by the schools and teachers. The reasons vary, but the heart cry is the same. At the end of the day, so many of our beautiful, precious girls felt that they were simply not enough – because they could not purchase the items from their required supply list.

Recognizing the need, two of our GLAM girl (Girls Living a Mission) facilitators offered to rise up for this need, hosting a yard sale within their neighborhood to raise much needed funds to off-set the majority of this cost. Through the generosity of their family and friends, local shoppers and all those who donated, over $800 was raised to provide 6 high school girls with a back to school shopping spree for new clothes, school supplies, and for a few – even some food.

The response was nothing short of tremendous! Wholehearted, grateful, thankful girls spent an afternoon enjoying the moments of this outing and celebrating the opportunity that they were so graciously given!

Yet, the need for assistance with these necessary items continues to trickle each day – with new girls in other schools – even in other counties that we serve. Girls who are simply in need of help and not quite certain where to even turn.

Throughout the past few weeks, Daughters of Worth has been diligently serving girls who are fighting for their lives, their success, their future. Through purchasing book bags to bringing food to girls who are down to their least meal, we are on a mission – to educate, equip and empower her.

So many times, we are asked why we meet the basic needs – such as food, clothes, school supplies, or even socks. Our answer is simple and always the same – Because She Matters.

The truth is this…. it is our heart, hope and vision that Daughters of Worth will be able to speak into the souls of the girls of our communities and for her to not only hear, but to truly believe that she is loved, wanted, beautiful, precious, treasured and cherished. It is our heart’s desire that every girl will truly know her eternal worth and value.

If the girls of our communities cannot trust us with her basic needs for clothing, socks, school supplies or even food – then how can she trust with the larger things of trust – the things of her worth?

We believe that every girl should have access to the basic things of life that will equip her for success. But the truth is… we cannot do this work alone. It requires all of us. It requires our community coming together with one voice – to advocate for her. Will you join us in this vision, this mission, this dream to bring Hope to her heart?

When you give to Daughters of Worth, you are directly investing into the girls of our communities and we desperately need your help to empower her. Will you consider giving today to empower her? Your donation makes a difference. Because of you, we are able to not only help meet her basic needs, but we are able to speak the words of her value, her worth – directly into her heart. And because we have put food in her body and covered her in clothes, she may actually listen and believe the words that we speak. Thank you for choosing to invest into her.