If you ask the GLAM girls (Girls Living a Mission) of LakeForest Elementary about their passion for impacting their community, they will quickly share with you that hunger is an issue in their neighborhoods. It isn’t uncommon for them to see homeless people begging for food or to even experience their own family and friends struggling to offer meals for their loved ones.

When the GLAM girl service project opportunity was presented, these beautiful girls decided immediately that food insecurity was an issue that they wanted to fight for, and so they immediately selected that this was the project that they would create. After a lot of conversation, questions, and collaboration, the group decided that they wanted to initiate a canned food drive for the Joy Soup Kitchen. They would invest they the $25 budget provided from Daughters of Worth to reward the classroom who received the most cans with an ice cream party!

By partnering with their school guidance counselor, educators and staff, the GLAM girls began to publicize their project through morning announcements, as well as sending home flyers to their parents and even encouraging educators to offer an incentive in their classrooms for support.

Over a month, the GLAM girls worked hard to deliver the message that they wanted to be heard: “Everyone deserves to eat, and we want to help the Joy Soup Kitchen feed more people.” Within four weeks, this impressive group was able to successfully collect over 500 canned foods to donate to this organization.

With excitement in their hearts and smiles on their faces, these precious ones invited Pastor Rodney Coles to come to the next GLAM girl session, to share about the work that is being done through the Joy Soup Kitchen, and to also bring local volunteers to help load the boxes of food.

Together, the GLAM girls of LakeForest Elementary are truly making a difference in the lives of those in their community! Through collaboration, partnership, and hearts of service, those who are in most need of meals are able to find a safe haven of acceptance, while also having a meal at The Joy Soup Kitchen – and these beautiful GLAM girls are simply thankful to be a part of this mission!