It was an early summer morning for this feisty GLAM girl, and she adamantly stated that she was Not getting in that yucky lake water!  She was tired, and she just wanted to take a nap!

I smiled because I knew what she did not.

I had experienced Lake Kristi before… the vibrant excitement of staff and volunteers who greet you when you first arrive.  The beautiful lake that sparkles in the sunlight.  The scent of abundant sunscreen and the delightful giggles of anticipation from children throughout the day.

My precious girl was about to have a day that she would truly never forget… and I could barely contain my joy!

She had met Kristi before and heard her story.

But today was different.

Today, she would encounter Love wrapped in the gift of time in the water, riding in boats with the wind breathing in her hair.

Today, she would encounter the gift of belly-laughter from trying to hold on tight while the childlike orange tubes attempt to throw you off into the water!

Today, she would experience the gift of new friends and the gratitude of water to swim in while the sun blazes in summertime fun!

Today, she would be challenged to “Get Off the Dock!” – to Try Something New – to Experience the Gift of Life!

And I watched my beautiful girl, Daughter of Worth do All of these things!

The things hat she claimed she would not.

The things that she claimed she could not.

Not only did she dip her toes into that lake water, she plunged her soul into the freedom of fun and joy and experienced every single event that was made available for her delight!

She chose to Not be afraid.

She chose to Conquer her fear.

She chose to Live in joy and to not succumb to defeat.

Today, she simply chose to be a kid!

She played until her heart was full and her body was exhausted.

She laughed with vibrance and during these moments, these hours, she let go of every.single.thing that keeps her awake at night.

Because of Kristi Overton Johnson and In His Wakes ministry, this beautiful girl experienced a day that she has never had the opportunity nor the invitation to enjoy before.

It was truly a day that she will always remember.

A day where she Chose to fall into the arms of Love and Grace – offered through the gift of time and the adventure of a lake.

And this is why Daughters of Worth exists…

To bring moments (such as these) for these precious girls.