This Christmas season, you can give the gift of sponsorship!

For only $20 per month, you can give a gift of girl empowerment for the girls of your community!

GLAM girls is a signature program of Daughters of Worth and is currently serving over 300 girls each month through mentorship in 11 schools and 4 after-school programs.  Participants have the opportunity to engage in interactive discussion and lessons which focus on the following components: Knowing your self worth, valuing your body and the power of boundaries, investing into healthy relationships, creating the life of your dreams through the decisions you make today, financial literacy, leadership development, service projects, character education, scholarship opportunities and so much more!

When you give the gift of sponsorship, you can:

1. Select the school that you wish to partner with for sponsorship.  (Daughters of Worth currently offers GLAM girls in the following schools:  Ayden Elementary, South Greenville Elementary, Elmhurst Elementary, Wellcome Middle, Bethel School, Lake Forest Elementary, JH Rose, North Pitt, John Small Elementary, Washington High School, Ed Tech and 4 after-school programs.)

2. Sponsor a Girl(s) in Honor or Memory of a Loved One this Christmas Season for only $20/month.

3. Simply go to the “Donate” page – and sponsor a girl directly at

4. When you Sponsor a Girl, we will connect with you directly to learn if you are sponsoring a girl individually or as a gift.

5. When you Sponsor a Girl as a Gift, BOTH the Giver and the Recipient will receive a complimentary box of Notes of Hope, the first name of the girl that you are sponsoring, and a special thank you gift!

Sponsorship allows us to provide this Free service for the girls of our communities, providing crafts, activities, leadership development resources, opportunities for special events, personal hygiene items/clothing for those in need, and so much more!

Your gift is truly making a difference – changing the lives of the girls of our communities.

Thank you for choosing to invest into her!