She is a girl with a fierce determination, passionate heart and unwavering faith. In May, Montasia Foreman was pronounced the GLAM Girl of the Year for her site location, JH Rose High School. She has demonstrated remarkable character, strength, integrity and has excelled in academics, as well as athletics. Yet, this is only the beginning!

Tonight, #howtolife (a student-led faith-based initiative) will debut due to the vision, passion and work ethic that Montasia and her team have invested to bring this event to their own community!

Just a few months ago, Montasia Foreman had a vision. She wanted to find a way to connect with other teens and to share the love and hope of Christ that she has discovered in her own personal faith journey. Alongside of her friend, Jadaja Britton, these inspired girls discovered a movement that had already launched throughout the country – #howtolife.

Founded by a high school student, Jordan Whitmer had a dream to begin a student-led movement that would transform teens through the power of faith. When the first event took place in 2015, over 700 students attended, enjoying an evening of fun, fellowship, drama, music and hear the stories of hope from other teens.

Immediately, Montasia knew that this was it. She wanted to bring this same faith-based event to her community, to reach her peers. Within weeks, the girls developed a team and a strategy to make this event possible! Through the generosity of local churches, businesses and individuals, #howtolife was quickly coming to fruition!

The vision hasn’t come without opposition though. Montasia shares that the event was in jeopardy of being cancelled due to not having enough funding to cover the expense of the venue. However, at the very last moment, a generous donor provided the exact amount needed to fund the space.

Tonight, this amazing and free event will debut in Greenville, NC! #howtolife is intended for a student audience, however anyone is welcome to join! There will be food, door prizes, music, and great messages of hope and inspiration brought from teens of the community! The event will be held at GCF from 6:30-8:30.

Montasia plans to hold 3-4 #howtolife events each school year and hopes that these efforts will be beneficial to the teens of her community. “My goal is to try to introduce (or reintroduce) Christ to teens. I can’t force my faith upon them, but what I can do is leave a really good impression on them, and maybe it will help kick-start their faith,” Montasia states.