Only 3 days into the Brand New Year, and several of our GLAM (Girls Living a Mission) girls enjoyed an evening at the movie theatre, watching the highly-contagious, driven, passionate, world-changer, Rachel Hollis and her Made for More production!

For 2 hours, we leaned in to listen to the heart of this beautiful soul as she shared her personal experiences from losing her brother to suicide, overcoming her own demons, and making it as a high school graduate (no college experience) to becoming a world renowned, highly sought after life coach, inspirational speaker and best-selling author!

“There are no short cuts to success,” she stated. It’s all a result of hard work, persistence, grit, and refusing to quit – no matter how many times you fall. It’s about how many times you Choose to get back up. The inspirational speaker shared that her book was rejected by every publisher in North America, which led her to self-publish. Yet, the very things that made her book successful – to the best seller list – are the very things that the publisher rejected.

Made to More is a call to girls, to women – to believe in yourself, to love yourself, and to chase after your dreams! It’s about surrounding yourself with the right people and refusing to allow anyone to derail you from the gifts, passions, and life-work that you have been called to do.

Although the age range of our GLAM girls was from 5th-10th grade, the sound of quiet sobs and the sight of tears streaming down faces was fully experienced. During this girls’ night out, these beautiful girls were reminded that they are not alone, and they are not the product of their mistakes. They are a miracle – a girl Made for More! All they have to do is go and chase it down!

The ride home was filled with laughter, questions, and heart reflection. Learning to be the precious girls of love, grace, and strength that we have been called to be. What does this look like? Where does this begin? How is this achieved? How do we live out our “More?”

Together, we decided that it must begin with – Us.

It must begin with ourselves.

It must begin with believing that we are “Worth More to Live out More.”

And this work of knowing our worth – is one of the man reasons why Daughters of Worth exists.

Thank you, Rachel Hollis, for creating this experience to share with our precious girls of Daughters of Worth – and to remind them that they are already enough. They simply have to believe it! Now, let’s go and change the world!