The very heart of Daughters of Worth is all about serving others and using your gifts, talents, and strengths to invest into your own community! During the months of February and March, GLAM girls from every location have engaged in service-learning opportunities, seeking to make a difference in the lives of others.

With a budget of only $25, each group is instructed to collaborate to identify the social issues that they wish to invest into for change, the method they will pursue to initiate this change and the specifics for how their budgeted allotment will be used.

For the GLAM girls of The Jack Minges Unit Boys & Girls Club, they decided that they wanted to support families of children who are sick. Discussing different organizations who seek to rise up to meet this need, collectively, the GLAM girls decided that the Ronald McDonald House was their choice.

Many ideas were brought to the table, as the girls discussed the best way to serve these families. Through extensive conversation, the GLAM girls ultimately decided that a bake sale would be the best solution for their group. Investing the $25 into cookies, the girls would then bake cookies and provide them for sale at The Boys & Girls Club.

During a 2 hour increment on Monday, February 25th, these girls alternated in serving at the Bake sale table, sharing their project, mission, and the Ronald McDonald House with families who were coming to pick up their children.

With great excitement, the girls were able to raise a total of $92.00 through their bake sale effort to serve the families enduring the sickness of their children.

On Monday, March 4, Melissa from the Ronald McDonald House was able to join the GLAM girl session to share more about the home, its’ origin, and how many families are served each year. Ecstatic girls, filled with wonder and curiosity spent over 40 minutes asking questions and learning more about this wonderful organization!

Their hearts were full of joy and excitement as they proudly presented their earnings from the bake sale to Melissa, learning that their donation would be able to provide a family with 9 nights of stay at the home!

Together, GLAM girls are learning that together, we can truly make a difference! By being willing to invest into the things that matter to us, creating a plan and working it, we can actually make a difference in the world!

GLAM Girls (Girls Living a Mission) is a signature program of Daughters of Worth that currently serves approximately 300 girls each month throughout Eastern NC. Through this program, girls learn that they can truly create the tomorrow of their dreams through decisions they make today.

All curriculum is designed by Daughters of Worth and is aligned with the NC Common Core of Character Education and incorporates 21st Century Skills. Components include, but are not limited to: Knowing your self worth, Valuing your body, Investing into healthy relationships, Having a vision for your life and goal-setting, Serving others, Living with integrity, Leadership Development, and Service-Learning opportunities.

GLAM girls is offered completely free of charge to all participants and schools/after-school programs to ensure that the girls who need this most will not be hindered due to financial hardship.