In only 6 weeks, we will be gathering together for our inaugural GLAM & Glitter Gala, and Daughters of Worth is ecstatic! These beautiful GLAM girls (Girls Living a Mission) have been working so hard throughout the entire school year to earn the prestigious title of GLAM girl of the Year, and this month, we will be finalizing our winners!

So how does this whole GLAM girl of the Year thing work?

GLAM girls is a signature program of Daughters of Worth that is currently serving over 300 girls each month throughout schools and after-school programs in Pitt and Beaufort County. The curriculum is created by Daughters of Worth and is aligned with the NC Common Core for Character Education and also incorporates 21st century skills into each module.

Through this curriculum, the girls of our communities are learning that they can truly create the tomorrow of their dreams by making healthy, positive decisions today!

Each session, we focus on at least one of the following components: Knowing your self worth, Valuing your body, Investing into healthy relationships, Having a vision for your life/goal setting, Serving others and Living with integrity. In addition, all of our middle/high school girls also receive Trafficking Prevention/Awareness, Social Media Safety and Red Flags of Dating Violence. Service-learning opportunities are incorporated into every group, and the girls also have the opportunity to participate in a book club!

This year, Daughters of Worth added another element to this program – GLAM girl of the Year! Each session, girls have the opportunity to earn points through attendance, engaging in the session, and participating in the weekly challenges. However, she can also earn points through maintaining As or Bs in core subject areas, adhering to the school attendance policy, maintaining no or little disciplinary action, taking care of her body, volunteering throughout the community, and demonstrating strong character and leadership.

The girl in each location who has earned the most points at the end of this month will be named that site’s GLAM girl of the Year! Not only will she have the opportunity to come to our amazing GLAM and Glitter Gala, but she will also be awarded on this evening, as well as featured in our GLAM girl magazine! There will be special opportunities provided for her throughout the year and to just pour into her life!

For all of our high school GLAM girls of the year, they will have the opportunity to receive a scholarship award at the GLAM & Glitter Gala!

We are so proud of these beautiful girls who have worked so hard to truly live out a mission and to make an impact in their community!

If you don’t have your tickets, click here to reserve yours today! This is an event that you certainly don’t want to miss!