Meet Chloe, Our New Intern!

“The key concept that I have taken away from Ns. Liles and the Daughters of Worth community, so far, is that even small portions of love, support, and care can completely change the world!

Discovering Legacy Leaders of Our Community & World

There is something absolutely magical and powerful in doing the work of empowering girls. You simply cannot do this work without meeting the most phenomenal women of your community, and you simply cannot meet these phenomenal women and not be changed in the process of...

She Will Rise

“Your future begins today. It begins with you. At the end of the day, you are the Driver of Your Destiny. You have the Key to Lock Down what serves you well and to Unlock and Release whatever is hindering you from your Future. How will you use your key?”

Equipping Her for Success!

If the girls of our communities cannot trust us with her basic needs for clothing, socks, school supplies or even food – then how can she trust us with the larger things of trust – the things of her worth?

Global Leadership Summit

In 2015, Daughters of Worth was established with a vision and mission to educate, equip and empower girls of all ages to become strong women of influence in their communities. Leadership. It runs through the very veins of our organization as we seek to empower girls...

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