It all started in a coffee shop.  We had scheduled this meeting, but in all honesty, I had no idea what to even say.  I had the vision.  I knew that it could be done – and needed to be done.  But I didn’t have the resources to implement.  I needed funds and man power to help with this enormous, ongoing task.  I had neither of that.

The thought of cancelling this meeting had certainly tempted me numerous times, but somehow, deep in my core – I knew that wasn’t the answer.  I was supposed to go anyway.  I was supposed to meet her in faith.  I was supposed to trust in Him.

And so I did exactly that.

We sat across the table with coffee in hand.  I began to share my heart about these beautiful girls that I was serving through Daughters of Worth and this new vision of Notes of Hope.  Words poured out as I attempted to share this vision.  This dream.  This hope of reaching girls across the county, across the state, across the nation.

Somewhere in the conversation, this precious one just stopped and simply asked, “What do you need?”

I paused.  My heart felt as if it had just failed to beat.  Again, she asked, “What do you need?  I know that I am supposed to help you.”

Through joyful tears and a heart overwhelmed with gratitude, I answered, “I need funds to purchase cards for these girls, and I need women to help me write.  I know that I can’t do this alone.”

In that moment – in that very conversation, everything changed.  Immediately.  This beautiful gift of a woman instructed me to order the cards.  Within 24 hours, she had established connections with multiple women who wanted to join this Notes of Hope Tribe!

Because of her obedience, this dream was becoming a reality!  Because of her sacrifice, over 170 girls are receiving handwritten cards of love and encouragement every single month from women from their very own communities.  All of this grew from an act of faith, obedience in the moment and sacrificial giving.

If I had cancelled the meeting due to my own insecurities, the connection would not have been established in the way it was – at the time it was. If she had not responded in obedience to invest into these girls, we would not be reaching the girls that we are today!

The beautiful and powerful gift of Notes of Hope is that it stretches beyond one woman, one vision, and one giver.  It reaches across counties, states and nations with a powerful invitation to welcome women of all ages, all ethnicities, all backgrounds to gather together around tables – to write, encourage, and inspire the girls of our communities together!  Because of women who have giving hearts and who long to make a difference in the lives of others, Notes of Hope is now serving 170 girls in 11 schools and 3 counties…. And it continues to grow!


Today, I simply want to encourage you…

If you have a dream, but cannot see the way, do not reject the vision or dismiss the opportunity.

For He can make a way in the wilderness.  He can bring waters of refuge into parched land.

We must simply be willing, faithful, and obedient.

He will do the rest.

And then we have the privilege of watching His story unfold… and lives being changed!