Each week, Daughters of Worth offers GLAM girls (Girls Living a Mission) mentorship sessions in schools and after-school programs in Pitt and Beaufort County! Each module, created by Daughters of Worth, is aligned with the NC Common Core of Essential Standards for Character Education and 21st Century Skills, yet also involves a game, craft or experience to provide a tangible learning experience for that specific standard.

Giggles could be heard across the room in multiple schools and after-school programs as GLAM girls divided into two separate groups to begin the Gingerbread House Competition! The rules were simple. Each group could create their house however they wanted; however, all group members must be in agreement with the vision of the house. All group members must participate with the project at some level, so as to prevent one individual from monopolizing the project. Finally, the groups would be timed. There would be 20 minutes to complete the Gingerbread House Project!

Gingerbread House Project at Ed Tech, Washington NC.

While a few of the girls had experience in constructing these edible houses before, the majority of the girls served were ecstatic for the opportunity to finally have the chance to create one! Dozens of high school girls experienced the Gingerbread House for the very first time ever through Daughters of Worth GLAM girls!

Needless to say, the experience of constructing this delicious Gingerbread House required much team work, patience, and perseverance as the girls quickly discovered that their “dream Gingerbread House” was much more work than they had originally expected. The icing failed to hold their structures together, and more often than not, the beautiful almost-completed Gingerbread houses would suddenly crumble as the roof would cave in or the sides would fold, collapsing the entire home!

Gingerbread House Project at The Boys & Girls Club – Ayden

While some groups would decide to persevere to hold their houses together, other groups would simply decide that they didn’t need a Gingerbread House! They could collectively decide to create a Gingerbread Cake – and then to eat the holiday treat!

The Gingerbread House Project at Wellcome Middle School

Although the project was full of laughter, fun, and created special memories for these sweet girls, GLAM girls also discovered a few life lessons from the Gingerbread House Project:

1.) Many times, we have an idea or vision or dream of how something is going to look and what it will require to accomplish that goal. Yet, once we begin to chase after this dream or vision, we sometimes realize that things don’t always turn out as planned. The idea may not “stick” as well as we thought it would, and sometimes our plans “houses” collapse under our watch.

2.) When this happens – and it will – we have to decide what our response will be. Will we persevere to continue chasing after this vision or dream or will we decide to change the course of our plans to create a more realistic opportunity?

3.) Team work is essential in life. Each person that we have the opportunity to work with has experiences, skills, talents, and intellect that we do not have. The power of team work is providing an environment where every person can utilize their strengths and gifts to complete the task or fulfill the goal! We are better and stronger together!

4.) Even when plans fail and “houses collapse,” there can still be a delicious, successful result!

It is the premise of Daughters of Worth GLAM girls to help girls discover that they can truly create the tomorrow of their dreams by making healthy, wise decisions today. As we seek to chase after our tomorrow-dreams, we must begin by putting action into our visions today! Yet, as plans change, ideas fail, or circumstances prevent those dreams from becoming reality, we must have the tenacity to persevere and discover the next viable step to continue moving forward!

Daughters of Worth is a 501c(3) non-profit organization that exists to educate, equip, and empower girls of all ages to become strong women of influence in their communities! Through partnership with Pitt County Schools, Beaufort County Schools, and The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Coastal Plains, Daughters of Worth is currently serving approximately 300 girls (K-12th grade) throughout 11 schools and 4 after-school programs with this program alone!