It’s no secret that the lives of our girls are filled with stress, anxiety, and overflow of messages streaming from the media and from their world – competing for their time, attention, and devotion. In the midst of relationship challenges, family struggles, school expectations, and personal battles around their value and worth, so many of our beautiful girls are left feeling completely depleted, rejected and at the end of the day – simply not enough.

Sensing this anxiety-driven lifestyle for many of the girls that we serve, Daughters of Worth is seeking to introduce the girls of our communities with tools and resources to find – pause – in the midst of their battles and a way for them to refocus, re-energize and reconnect, even while the stressors of their lives are still present.

Partnering with Jenn Whitehurst Wood of Mother Nature’s Toolbox, GLAM girls at Washington High School had the opportunity to experience the power of an orange, mindfulness, and essential oils to find peace, in spite of the raging storms of their lives.

Providing each girl with a juicy, delicious orange, Jenn Whitehurst Wood recanted the story of a Holocaust survivor who was given this delicious fruit while enduring the concentration camp. Each day, she would take out this fruit and spend a few moments reflecting on the therapeutic and energetic scent of its juices, meditate on its origin – beginning with only a seed – and the impact that this fruit had for her sustenance.

As the layers of the orange were peeled away, the scent of the citrus fruit remained on her hands – creating a peace of calm and serenity. The taste of the orange in her mouth would not only give energy, but would generate a sense of optimism, in appreciation for the gift of this fruit.

As the story was shared, each GLAM girl was given an orange of her own – to hold, to smell, to peel, to eat, and to then reflect. Within moments, the complete atmosphere of the room began to change as smiles were seen, high-pitched chattering voices began to quieten, and girls were calmly breathing in the scent of their fresh fruit.

“This really works,” one GLAM girl willingly shared. “It honestly makes me feel better to just stop and breathe in this scent.”

Within a matter of moments, the room had transformed into a place of peace, as the scent of oranges filled the entire space and Presenter, Jenn Wood shared with the girls the power of Essential oils, mindfulness and allowing our heart, mind, body, senses, and stomach to all meet in the same place – taking pause in our day to simply reflect, be grateful for the things that we have and breathing in scents that help us to relax and calm ourselves.

To learn more about the power of Essential oils and the impact for your mind and body, connect with Jenn Whitehurst Wood here.