In 2015, Daughters of Worth began as a direct response to girls in our communities who were coming forward with stories of being trafficked by their families to pay rent, sexually assaulted by gang members, enduring the horrific impact of poverty, domestic violence, and more. With only 12 girls, the non-profit was founded to create a safe haven for the girls of our communities, while also empowering these beautiful ones to create the life of their dreams through the decisions that they make today!

The month of January has been observed as National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention month since it was designated in 2010. In honor of this significant month and the opportunities that prevention leads to empowerment, Daughters of Worth partnered with ENC Stop Human Trafficking Now to provide human trafficking prevention for the girls of our schools and after-school programs.

Outreach Director of ENC Stop Human Trafficking Now, Melinda Sampson, is passionate about the cause and is determined to bring awareness into our communities!

Through her shared experiences and expertise, the girls at the Ayden Boys and Girls Club learned how to “profile a pimp,” recognize the signs of human trafficking, understand the difference between labor and sex trafficking, and discover how they should respond if they are in danger and how to report as needed. They also had the opportunity to learn how false job ads and social media are often utilized to recruit new victims.

We believe that this partnership with ENC Stop Human Trafficking Now! is going to create a significant difference in the lives of the girls that we serve as they can be empowered to make wise, healthy decisions for relationships and recognize the signs and impact that slavery has in our communities today.

To learn more about Pam Strickland, Founder, Melinda Sampson, Outreach Director, and the phenomenal work of ENC Stop Human Trafficking Now!, please visit their website at