Every year, Daughters of Worth GLAM Girls (Girls Living a Mission) mentorship groups engage in new sessions to not only build their self worth and value, but to also introduce them to key principles that they will need to cultivate the tomorrow of their dreams.

Themes such as healthy relationships, leadership development, dreaming of your future and creating smart goals, service learning, and character formation are woven into our bi-monthly sessions, creating a safe space for girls to truly evaluate their own hearts and lives and determine if the direction they are heading is the destination that they are desiring to achieve.

This year, the theme for our groups is She Will Rise. While the girls are learning how they are the “key holder” of their life, they also have the opportunity to learn from Legacy Leaders of their own community, state, nation and world. These Legacy Leaders are women who have overcome adversity, learned from their experiences and are utilizing their time, talent and treasure to impact their world.

GLAM Girls began the year with creating their own necklace – selecting the necklace and key that they desired to own. Once their necklace was assembled, the girls were able to wear their new creation and then discuss the purpose of this activity.

As each girl wears her necklace, we begin the conversation of how you acquire a key (to a home, a car, a building, etc.) Discovering that you must have some kind of ownership to have the key in your possession, we then discuss what a key actually does, the purpose that it serves.

It locks and it unlocks.

The power of this statement.

Our beautiful GLAM girls are learning that they are the owner of their lives. They are the ones who truly have the key to drive their future in the direction that they want to go. They may have lots of people who love them who are sitting in the passenger seats (parents, family, friends, counselors, teachers, etc.) and who are offering their advice, suggestions and encouragement… but ultimately, they are the ones who choose the direction that they are going.

As the owner of their life, they have the power to Lock Down whatever is serving them well and driving them to their purpose, future and destiny. Likewise, they have the power, permission, authority and ownership to Unlock and Release anything, any behavior, any attitude, any habit, any mindset, any person, or any thing that is preventing them from getting to the destination that they desire and hindering them from their future.

“Your future begins today. It begins with you. At the end of the day, you are the Driver of Your Destiny. You have the Key to Lock Down what serves you well and to Unlock and Release whatever is hindering you from your Future. How will you use your key?” -GLAM Girls Empowerment- The Key to Your Future Belongs to You!