When you ask her what her dreams for her life are, her answer is simple – so precious – so transparent.

“I want to be loved.”

“I want to have a family that lives all together.”

“I want to have food to eat.”

I want my daddy to not touch me and hurt me.”

“I want my mom to take care of me.”

“I want to be able to take a shower every day.”

“I want clothes that aren’t torn and stained.”

These are just a few of the responses of the girls of our communities.

They have hopes and dreams and plans.  They want to be artists, dance teachers, lawyers, and doctors.  Their plans are beautiful, and they want it more than anything.  Yet, in the midst of all of the dreams and all the hopes, they find themselves stuck in the place – in the “stuff” of their lives.

And for so many of our precious girls, these things – this “stuff” – speaks words such as “You are not enough.”  “You will never be loved.”  “You will never have a family.”  “You will never have a home of your own.”  “You won’t ever make it into college.”  “You will be just like us.”  “You will live just like us.”  “You won’t ever amount to anything – so get that thought out of your head.”

Words spoken from families.

Words spoken from schools.

Words spoken from community leaders.

Words spoken from the media.

Words spoken from violence.

Words spoken from poverty.

Words spoken from assault.

Words spoken from neglect.

Words that soon – they begin to believe.  Because they are told from every direction, from all the people that they trust… and from all of the places that they know…

“You will never be enough.”

Daughters of Worth exists for her.

We see her.

We hear her.

We listen to her.

We believe her.

And we carry her story in our hearts – so that we can share with you.  So that you can see, hear, listen to and believe her too.

Because she needs to know that she matters.

Because she needs to know that she’s not alone.

Every single day, Daughters of Worth shows up for her.  We meet her – here – in this place.  In the “stuff.”  In the middle of the stomach gurgling because of the lack of the food.

In the middle of the stench because there hasn’t been a shower provided in weeks.

In the middle of the tears when she isn’t certain what is even happening in her life.

We meet her here.  In the rubble of failed hopes and shattered dreams.  In the place of questions and anger and fear from violation.  In the place of sadness and desperation – at 11:30 at night – when the phone rings because CPS is at the door.  And she wants to know who will take her now?

Daughters of Worth shows up here.

We exist for her.

Because we know and understand (to the depth of our core) that life is messy and unfair.  And way too often, the tornadoes of our lives – the things that we cannot control – are the very things that leave us feeling isolated, alone, unloved and unprotected.  And so we show up here.  For her.

And in this place of darkness and tears – of failed dreams and shattered plans –  we show up to Shine the Light of Hope – Grace – and Mercy.  We show up to let her know that she isn’t alone.

We show up with food when we know that she isn’t eating – and with clothes that she can wear.

We show up with diapers and wipes and juice for her baby siblings – who are going without.

We show up at the school with hugs, love, encouragement and breakfast during EOG’s – when we know that she is already feeling defeated by the test.

We show up to sit beside her – in the mess – in all of the rubble – and to listen to the words of her heart.  To offer tissues after the pain pours out.

We show up to offer clean showers and personal hygiene items.

We show up to her front door – when she calls – afraid.

We spend hours in schools and in the office of DSS.  We love.  We advocate.  We serve. We give. We protect.  We fight.

We show up at the Police Department and at the Sheriff’s office to learn about the gangs that she is in.

We attend Trafficking Prevention Coalition meetings to find out every single thing that we can – for how to protect her – from them.

We diligently seek to speak louder, harder, more consistently – than all the voices – that tell her that she isn’t enough.

We tell her that she is Loved.

She is a Masterpiece.

She is a treasure.

She is cherished.

She is valuable.

She is always enough.

This is who we are.  This is what we do.

We have six signature programs and expect to serve thousands of girls throughout Eastern NC this year alone.  But the truth is, we can’t do this significant work without you.

We are fighting poverty.  We are fighting gangs.  We are fighting substance abuse.  We are fighting sexual assault.  We are fighting homelessness. We are fighting all of the words that she speaks daily to herself in her own mind.  We are fighting self harm.  We are fighting suicide.  We are fighting domestic violence.  We are fighting sexual assault.  We are fighting lack of education.  We are fighting discrimination.  Each girl is fighting her own battle.

And we are fighting for her.

Will you join us?

We are doing a significant work – and serving 15 different locations with our GLAM girl group mentorship program alone.  We are offering opportunities that have never been extended to the girls of our communities before.  But we cannot do this alone.

We need you.

For $20/month, you can sponsor a girl.  A girl who simply needs to know that she is loved – worthy  – valuable – treasured – precious.  A girl who needs to know that she isn’t alone.

Will you help us Shine the Light of Hope for her?