Since its’ inception, serving others has been a core fundamental of Daughters of Worth. Whether you are 5 or 95, we believe that every single person has a gift, talent or treasure that can be offered to serve others and make this world a better place!

During the months of February and March, GLAM girls in every location are given the same project: Serve Others! With an allotted budget of $25 per group, each GLAM girl group must first decide who they want to serve. It can be an individual, school, or non-profit organization.

Once they determine who their service project will benefit, they must then determine how they will utilize their $25 budget to implement their project! Together, the girls collaborate to discern exactly how they will spend their dollars, when the project will take place, and then are responsible for actually pursuing this vision!

For the GLAM Girls of The Boys & Girls Club of Ayden, these precious girls decided that they wanted to serve the homeless shelter during Valentine’s Day! Learning that there were six children residing at the shelter during this love-holiday, the GLAM girls quickly came up with their list of items that they wanted to purchase with their budgeted money to provide every child with a special gift of their own!

Together, they worked to create special Valentine’s Day cards of love, hope, and inspiration and packaged up their Disney-themed Valentine’s Day bags to provide a treat for these precious ones.

Upon completion, the girls soon remembered that there were also women who were at the homeless shelter as well and quickly decided that they couldn’t be left out. Wanting to learn how they could also serve these women, they opted to make each one a Valentine’s Day card, as well as collaborate with Daughters of Worth leadership to figure out how they could do even more for the women.

Learning that there were some beautiful pieces of jewelry left over from the recent Empower Her! event, donated by Julie Howard of Paparazzi Jewelry, Daughters of Worth Empower Her! events and GLAM girls joined forces to serve more together!

Through the passionate hearts of these beautiful, treasured GLAM girls, not only did every child at the homeless shelter receive a special gift on this Valentine’s Day, but every woman received a handmade card and delicately wrapped piece of jewelry from Daughters of Worth – reminding her that she is always loved and valued!

These beautiful girls are truly making a difference in the lives of others as they seek to serve and give back to their own community! Together, we can do so much more! Together, we can truly inspire, empower and encourage her!