She is 11 years old, and she has been living without power since February.  7 months of no running water or hot meals.  7 months of not having a bath – unless she goes to a friend’s home.  7 months of being blazing hot or freezing cold.  7 months of not having a way to have clean clothes.  This is her life at 11 years old.  And she lives in Pitt County.

She is 10 years old, and she comes home – usually – to an empty home.  She is basically forced to take care of herself.  There is no refrigerator, no cold drinks, no hot meals.  Until just a few months ago, not even a single person in the home had a bed.  They slept on the cold, hard floor – with no blankets, no pillows, and often no utilities.  Her clothes are often stained, tattered and worn.  She wants more than anything – to fit in – to belong.  To be loved.  She just doesn’t even know where she begins.  And she lives in Pitt County.

She is a teen, and she is homeless.  She has been living with her mom in a car.  They once had a home, but things happened.  They weren’t expecting any of this.  And now this.  This is her life.  She tries her best to hide it as much as she possibly can.  So that people won’t know.  That she has no home.  That her “address” is wherever her car is parked.  But every day, it gets a little bit harder to hide the stench of not having a safe home.  And she lives in Pitt County.

Only three stories of many stories from the girls that we serve – in four counties.  And this was all before the flooding.  The washing away of hopes and the flooding of dreams.  This was all before they wake up in a shelter full of strangers – confused – and scared.  The few things that they were able to call their own have now washed away.  Nothing left to remember their yesterday.  Except the memories that they have stored within their hearts.  They just cannot help but to wonder how and when things will get better – and how and when things will change.

And this is our why.

This is why we we are here.

Daughters of Worth.

There are girls throughout Eastern NC who are living in conditions – just like these – before the lightning crashed – before the waters flooded into their homes and consumed their lives – in front of their precious eyes.

There is much work to be done in hearts and homes.  To help girls discover their self worth – to know that they are loved and valuable and treasured and adored.  But before we can even begin to touch the soul work of a girl’s precious heart, we simply must begin by earning her trust.  To clothe her with fabric and protect, safeguard her treasured body.  To let her know that she is Worthy of This.  And then, and only then…. can the true work of Self Worth and Vision Casting and Dreams begin.

This is our Cause.

She is our Why.

We believe that it is up to us to invest into her.  To give her a fighting chance – to advocate and to stand – and to put clothes on her back.  This is our cause.  She is our why.

Will you help us?  Will you stand with us as we fight for her?  And today, this means raiding our closes for clothes unused and shoes we no longer want.  For items that we can clothe her body and let her know that she is Truly Worthy of This!

And all of this…… so later….. we can whisper into her precious soul, “Beautiful Girl, You are So Loved.”

And then and only then…..  may she truly believe it.