From as early in life as she can remember, Pam Carraway has always loved fashion! In high school, she received the senior superlative for being “best dressed.” In college, she was teased for having shoes lined up – that matched every outfit that she owned. With a joyful laugh and eyes that sparkle as she speaks, Pam fondly remembers the moment that she decided to cash in her food voucher in college so that she could go and shop in Raleigh for brand new clothes! Although she had to eat out of vending machines for that semester, she didn’t seem to mind too much because she had the newest fashions of the season!

Although life for Pam changed, bringing in marriage and motherhood, devoting her time and energy to raising her family, the love of the newest trends have never left her heart. As her children began to grow and become more independent, Pam recalls the moment that she felt that God was calling her into something more – preparing a way for her to take her love for fashion and create a space to empower and encourage the women of her community.

In August 1, 2017, this dream became a reality!

Votre Boutique opened its’ doors for the very first time and invited the women of the community to come and gather with family and friends, while greatly enjoying the shopping experience.

For Pam, the name that she had given the store was already living out its’ purpose! Votre Boutique means “Your Boutique.” She wanted women to know that this was a place designed to help you specifically – for your needs and your wants!

“Shopping is a hobby for women. It’s what we do. Men have fishing and golfing and all of those things… women, we do lunch and fellowship and shop together,” Pam shares. “The clothing is catered to both mother and daughter, with a great big mirror in the back so that they can encourage each other and really enjoy their time. We have so many women who come in to play dress up and it’s just fun to be a part of that!”

There have been battles along the way with opening a new business and sharing the opportunity that this unique boutique offers for women of all ages, but she also shares that it has been worth the struggle. “It’s so important to listen to God and let Him do the work,” Pam says. “I have to listen to Him and allow Him to lead.”

Specialty services of Votre Boutique include: A Local Seamstress that is specific to the store and is also reasonably priced will help you not only have the perfect outfit, but for it to fit you just the way that you want. Items may also be specially ordered for those who are seeking a particular piece. In addition, Pam even shops the market for specific items that she thinks her customers would want and then connects with them personally for an invitation to come and try them out! From young professionals to grandmothers, there is something for everyone at Votre Boutique!

On March 1, Pam Carraway and Votre Boutique partnered with Daughters of Worth to provide brand new clothing for the girls of JH Rose High School. Providing a selection of boutique items (with price tags still intact), as well as an assortment of gently used items for the girls to choose from, a mini pop-up shopping spree was made available for these beautiful GLAM girls!

“When I learned what Daughters of Worth is all about, it touched my heart on a personal level. I want to help these girls know and believe that they are absolutely precious and to inspire them! Although clothes are a material thing, there is a power that happens when you are all dressed up… and you just feel good about yourself. It impacts your self-worth,” Pam shares.

For a period of time, Pam served as a Guardian Ad Litem, advocating for the children of the community. During this time of service, she was connected with a young girl who simply stole her heart! Pam shared that there was once a time that this young girl was in need of a new dress, and so she was able to make this happen.

Her entire face began to brighten as she delightfully recalled the moments of how receiving that new dress absolutely changed the demeanor of this young girl. “She had confidence. You could just see her begin to stand up taller, to smile brighter and the joy that filled her,” Pam stated.

“It’s all about confidence. We are here to build from within and that is exactly what Daughters of Worth is doing. The more you learn about this cause, the better you understand it, and the more you want to be involved. I want these girls to better themselves and there are people who are all in this community, including me, who are ready to help give them that opportunity. I pray that when they got home to play in all of their new clothes that they felt like an absolute princess! That was the dream!”

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